NLFC Policy – Golden Eagles

New Lambton FC’s Developing Eagles Academy is designed to create an atmosphere and an environment in practice and competition where players are challenged to be creative and problem solve. The main focus is on player and team development. The development of football players is at the forefront of our player curriculum.

The Academy is designed to foster a passion for the game by creating a fun, learning environment in which young players can master the skills needed to succeed and progress to the next level.


  • Connection and alignment as one club (i.e. Premier and Interdistrict)
  • Providing an talented player pathway for New Lambton MiniRoo and Interdistrict players (who are committed to improving their football and for some work toward entry into elite squads/pathways)
  • Exposing identified players to technical training that they would otherwise not receive
  • Providing opportunities to ID coaches to develop under the guidance of highly qualified coaches
  • Academy also used to identify players for trial/selection into elite player squads.

The Golden Eagles Academy is underpinned by the following foundations:

Social – Encouraging players to work together, to get to know each other and take ownership of how the session progresses, developing core skills to help them develop at training and away from football.

Physical – Preparing young bodies for the demands of the game and the different positions. Speed, strength, suppleness, stamina and skill can be developed to help young players achieve their optimum level of performance.

Mental – Developing a winning mentality requires strong character and a positive attitude. Building a positive rapport with all players to deliver the best possible experiences and activity to raise self-esteem and improve performance on & off the field.

Technical – Building up a range of movements and techniques related to top level professional players. Sessions have been designed to allow repetition of fundamental actions in a fun and exciting way, to challenge and motivate players.


  • Defining technical expectations and aligning Academy activities to support the team model and skill requirements 
  • Pre/Mid/Post Assessment of individual Academy players (specific to age) against established expectations to identify benchmarks, areas for improvement and development relating to the team model and set requirements
  • Clear advice upon completion if player has met all components or skill techniques and is recommended to move into SAP/NPL/WPL or require another year within the Academy
  • Identifying additional development opportunities via New Lambton FC Development Coach – Clayton Zane.
  • Annual review process of measuring our success against the objectives set within the New Lambton FC vision and philosophy.

Any questions or feedback on the Club’s direction, please direct feedback via our website –


Coaches and players participating in the Golden Eagles are asked to pledge their commitment – to ensure the success of this important Club initiative:

As an Academy Coach, I will:

  • Plan my sessions systematically and in advance
  • Set up before the session starts
  • Welcome, train and say goodbye to my players
  • Act the way I expect my players to act
  • Create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere
  • Give every player equal opportunities
  • Constantly assess myself and my work
  • Work on the details in every session
  • Keep myself educated on the latest training methodologies and updates

As a Golden Eagle, I will:

  • Live and love football.
  • Place family, health and school above football.
  • Be self-confident: I trust myself to use my abilities.
  • Be fair: I do unto others.
  • Be team players: I’m nothing without my teammates.
  • Be loyal: I play for New Lambton FC.
  • Be open to criticism: I know my coach wants to help me.
  • Be creative: I have my own ideas and I share them
  • Greet and say goodbye to teammates, coaches & parents.
  • Be fair to teammates, opponents, coaches, officials & fans.
  • Celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats.
  • Always do our best at practice and in matches.
  • Follow our coach’s instructions.
  • Place the team’s objectives above our personal desires.
  • Remain motivated to learn: I want to get better

As the parent of a Golden Eagle, I will:

  • No coaching from the side line.  Encouragement only.
  • I will respect the judgement/methods of my child’s coach.
  • I will be proactive in advising the coach if my child can’t attend training/games.
  • I will endeavour to attend DE events that have been arranged for the development of my sportsman.


Q: What is the New Lambton FC Developing Eagles program and how many player will participate?

A: The New Lambton FC Golden Eagles Academy is the highest level of youth player development, specifically involving players from U9 – U13’s – for both boys and girls.

Academy teams will be selected for the following age groups (dependent upon interest):

Age Group Members per squad
Under 9 10
Under 10 12
Under 11 12
Under 12 15
Under 13 16

Q: What is the New Lambton FC Golden Eagles Academy and how many players will participate?

A: The Golden Eagles Academy is an integral component of the ‘Premier’ arm of New Lambton FC and is the vehicle for youth player development between ‘community football’ and ‘Premier’ football (e.g. SAP, NEWFM League 1 and WPL). specifically involving.

The Academy targets up to 100 players each year between the ages of U7 and U12’s – boys and girls.

Final numbers each season will be based on outcomes of the selection process and dependent upon interest

Q: How will players be selected?

A: Players will be evaluated and selected using a variety of methods, including trials and consultation with Miniroo and ID coaches. 

Q: Will New Lambton FC players be given preference over players coming from other clubs?

A: In short yes, our overall aim is to have as many New Juniors as possible in each Premier Team.  Targets have been developed in this respect. We want to be renown for being the ‘Development Club’. Our Club philosophy is underpinned by Player Development.

New Lambton FC will however, consider participant applications from neighbouring Community Clubs who do not offer such a Player Development Pathway.  This is healthy for both the Club and football more widely. 

Player selection will be in accordance with the New Lambton FC Player Selection Policy.

Q: How much does the Program cost?

A: All New Lambton FC players will register and pay their age specific registration fees – set by the club. 

Players selected as part of the Golden Eagles Academy will pay an additional fee (approx. $210) to cover the costs of additional clothing, gear, training facilities and coaching support that is provided as part of the Program. (The Academy Fee will reviewed annually).

Q: How will the New Lambton FC experience differ from a typical club setting?

A: An academy type setting is the best environment for player development, one designed to replicate a professional level. It offers high calibre instruction, competition and facilities, along with exposure to a far greater network of Premier Competitions, Emerging Jets etc.

Q: Who will coach the New Lambton FC academy teams?

A: New Lambton FC teams will be under the direction of New Lambton FC’s Academy  Development Coach, Clayton Zane and supported by ID Club Golden Eagles Coaches, Club Technical Director (Cas Wright) and Club NEWFM (Boys) or WPL (Girls) First Team players.

Q: Can New Lambton FC players participate in other sports?

A: The Golden Eagles Academy is for players who are committed and focused on reaching their highest potential level. Given the additional time commitment (1 session per week), participation in other sports is not discouraged, but should not interfere with Academy training.  To do so disadvantages team mates and others who missed out on selection.