Club Policies

The Board and the Group Committees are guided by both the New Lambton FC Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and the New Lambton FC Golden Goals. We will:

  1. Stay close to what makes us strong – providing a quality Group to the community of New Lambton.
  2. Remember our Club is made of players with varying levels of ability – we exist for the community – not just the elite.
  3. Not make decisions that benefit one Group at the expense of another.
  4. Manage Club activities in accordance with the New Lambton FC Code of Conduct – we will take the necessary action to discourage unwanted behaviour that is detrimental to Club culture and how we are perceived by others.
  5. Respect the age groups we represent e.g. when considering the type of organisations wishing to sponsor junior football.

The New Lambton FC Board has been created to provide the Club a consultative body that strategically “knits” the Club together. We are unlike other “premier clubs” and will achieve our vision through the ongoing implementation of culture building strategies and policies that “knit” the individual pieces of our club together to create a stronger whole – based on shared values, respect and vision. To guide the delivery of New Lambton FC activities and future planning, the following Policies have been developed for implementation across all New Lambton FC operations.